Last week, a statue was added to the University of North Georgia Military Leadership Center. The statue is of former UNG student and cadet, Michael J. Williams.

Williams graduated from the school in 1967, after earning a Bachelor of Arts. While here he was honored on multiple occasions for his success as Golf Company commander. He was one of the first cadets to receive a full scholarship from the U.S. Army. After graduating, Williams commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, and set the example for future cadets and students.

After being promoted to first lieutenant, he and his platoon deployed to Cu Chi, Vietnam. The unit came under fire, but Williams was able to land a grenade that destroyed two machine gun nests. He earned four medals. One of the medals was The Distinguished Service Cross, which is the second-highest award for military valor, trailing only the Medal of Honor.

The statue was commissioned by William’s old roommate and friend, Colonel Parker Miller III, who is a retired Marine aviator. The statue shows a young Williams throwing a grenade. The statue not only acts as an honor to Williams, but also is a permanent mark for the Boar’s Head Brigade Honor Company, an award that honors great performance from companies in all fields: athletics, academics and military standards.

William’s attended the ceremony from his home in Macon, GA. Friends and family were also present for the ceremony, along with President Bonita Jacobs and other representatives from UNG.