Eureka! We’ve found GOLD!

With this cry in 1828, America’s first major gold rush began — and the rolling hills of North Georgia would never be the same again.

Prospectors flooded the area, and in 1832 the city of Dahlonega was born. Nestled in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains, the settlement quickly emerged as a boom town. Supplying the needs of those early residents was the traditional general store.

The early general store atmosphere has been preserved here at The Dahlonega General Store. Step through the door and step back in time. Sense what an old fashioned general store was really like!

We stock home-made jams, jellies and relishes, old-fashioned candy, marbles by the pound, wooden yo-yo’s, train whistles and other toys. And that’s only the beginning!

Come on in. Stroll around. You’re bound to find a delightful surprise with every step.

About Dahlonega General Store

An old country store in North Georgia

The Tradition of the Old Country General Store

“What this country needs is a good 5¢ cup of coffee.”
–US Senator Thomas Riley Marshallcoffee

Years ago, a visit to the old General Store was the highlight of everyone’s trip to town. It was a place to relax, see your friends, and catch up on the local gossip. The Dahlonega General Store is that kind of place.

We sell the kinds of things the old General Store used to sell. We have good old-fashioned jams, jellies, butters and real sorghum syrup. We also sell fresh roasted peanuts and the World’s Best 5¢ Coffee.

The World’s Best Cup of Coffee - Only 5¢

We think it’s the BEST because it’s especially blended for us by a little company we know of in North Georgia.

We think it’s the BEST because it’s especially blended for us by a little company we know of in North Georgia. We’ve been drinking this coffee for over 30 years now and we’re pretty well convinced it’s the best around.

As for the price, well, we’ve always felt that coffee should be a nickel a cup, just like it was in the old days. Being a bit set in our ways, we just don’t see any reason to charge more.

“Peanuts! Peanuts! Get your fresh roasted peanuts.”

For years these words have announced the arrival of one of the most tasty treats available.

In most cases, no words are needed because the aroma alone is enough to let you know that a hearty snack is just moments away.

We pride ourselves in offering you some the most delicious roasted peanuts you will ever experience… carefully chosen and roasted daily.

But food isn’t all we’ve got. We carry lots of useful things, such as knives, baskets, nostalgic metal signs, and many home décor items. We also have moccasins, old-fashioned toys, and country gifts to remind you of your visit to Dahlonega.

So come on by the Dahlonega General Store. Have a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and visit with old friends or make some new ones. That’s why we’re here. We hope to see you soon